20 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton’s Record-Breaking Pole Lap | 2017 Italian Grand Prix

  1. I"am glad he didn't inherent the pole position, because of the other car penalties,and was the fastest on the day,the thing that got me is when they show past record breakers,and the commentary from Ben Edwards,on channel ,,4 was brilliant. on the Italian grand Prix qualifying.and Lewis Hamilton to hold the record becoming the second British driver to hold it since Jim Clark 50 years ago

  2. why the fuck do you put the results in your headlines fucking asshole . i was wanting to watch qualifying but after seeing your upload a waste of fucking time

  3. Kimi fan.But this was mega drive from lewis,he danced on the knife edge he and max are something different in the rain! Only if he suicides he will lose championship to that cunt vettel

  4. This lap is a huge "FUCK YOU!" to Vettel and his team at their home GP.It's almost as if Hamilton has given them the finger after crossing the line 🙂 🙂 🙂

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