1. There's no more McLaren Honda, it's McLaren Renault from 2018 when Toro Rosso will use Honda.
    They may even build their own engine from 2021. Alonso though is a master at signing with the right team at the wrong time.

  2. Mclaren doesnt even have to go full same level with the top teams if they have a driver like alonso or even button before. give them a force india or a haas quality car, races are sure gonna be much more exciting….alonso's skills are just placed in a wrong place at the wrong time.

  3. Alonso is an idiot in Monza… He just pushed again (like in Spa) Palmer, and to avoid any contacts, Palmer has to cut the chicane… The penalty was stupid because Palmer gave back the position before overtake him after..

    And why this child will even cry 10laps after "where is Palmer?" if he knows that he had a penalty…
    Alonso is just a frustrated kid and I can't see now an very good driver but just a child who is funny at every races. This guy is just a meme now, not a World Champion…

  4. Great video. About Alonso, I hope he stays at McLaren and McLaren switch engine for the Renault one as a temporary solution. Honda already had 3 years to show progress and they went backwards, again, underestimating the complexity of the engine. Not only Alonso is suffering, the whole McLaren team is hurting its image, and all the employees I'm sure too, as they are working hard to make a chasis which can't show its potential.

  5. Just think about that. The McHonda was sorted out to 11th based on speed of the cars around him, but he qualified 10th and was able to jump to 7th at one point. That's outdriving your car.

  6. McLaren please get rid of Honda stop looking at the past where you were the best from 1988 to 1992 this is 2017 and 3 years down the line where have you gone no where. You have no victories since Brazil 2012 by Jenson Button which was his 15th and final win of his career, no podiums since Australia 2014 by Kevin Magnussen (2nd) and Jenson Button (3rd), no pole position since Brazil 2012 by Lewis Hamilton. I mean come on the panthership has to end it is time for change get rid of Honda because it is becoming a joke and embarrassing and go to Renault power I have been a McLaren fan for a long time it is hard to support the team and give Alonso a good car where he can show his talent

  7. Just engine. Only engine is needed. With the resource and developments that McLaren has, they can surely be a top team if they had a powerful engine that of Ferarri or Mercedes. Who knows, Alonso could still be a world champion.

  8. Alonso could end up at Andretti Autosport in Indycar. After all he did say the highlight of his year was the Indy 500. Why stay in a car that's not competitive when he could go to Indycar and win races?

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