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Ferrari Focus On Turnaround

Ferrari Focus On Turnaround

With the slump that has come about in Ferrari the team is looking at making certain changes before the second half of the year commences.

As the summer break is on, it is the ideal time for Ferrari put their act together so that they can spruce up their performance levels. The F1 team of the company has been underperforming as was evident from the 12 F1 events that occurred in the first half of the year.

The company is looking at reorganizing the team that has underperformed. The team admits that the aerodynamics of the car needs to be looked into. It is being pointed out as the key factor which has led to the slump in the form of the car.

The hopes of Scuderia of ending the drought of absence of titles for nearly a decade has been put on hold as the team was not able to perform well in the first half of the season this year.

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