19 thoughts on “Vettel Wins 2017 Australian Grand Prix | Race Highlights

  1. Those new cars with the wider tires are so cool! F1 is back in a big way! Now if only we could see it in the USA, more coverage that is…

  2. The sound of these engines is really disappointing. They are to quiet and they sound just like a vacuum cleaner. My own BMW's engine sounds better than F1 cars's ones. This is just ridiculous.

  3. i think that will be good for the sport in 2021 when they get cheaper engines and noisier engines but youd think that the fia could make closer racing more overtaking and have more manufactorers challenging for the championship after all that is what us fans want more entertainment

  4. F1 finally wants to be FOR THE FANS again – this is awesome. Please re-negotiate some of your TV deals as well to widen access – in my country F1 was available on several channels in the early 2000s but then then suddenly got restricted to one satellite provider on their premium package only – while other popular sports like EPL are available on various different packages. It totally gutted the fan-base.

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