20 thoughts on “Austrian Grand Prix – A History Of Last-Lap Drama | F1 Vault

  1. F1 has no chill? If you listened closely, the scene when Schumacher gave Barrichello the podium, the song turned to be 'awkward' for a while

  2. Everyone in Ferrari is on tight desicion that season
    look at Rubens face when he lift the trophy
    look what Michael do to Rubens in the podium
    look at Todt face when he speak team order to Rubens
    Yeah, I hate Ferrari, but F1 without Ferrari is completely bollocks…

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU for making viewable F1 content. Finally F1 is now freely available for the fans and not held in a secret vault so people can silently jack off to it as I do on Thursdays!!!

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